US-China tensions cloud Israel free trade deal

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SHENG’s Managing Partner and the President of the Israel-China Chamber of Commerce, Ilan Maor was interviewed by Sean Mathews for the Middle East Eye, an independently funded digital news organization covering stories from the Middle East and North Africa, as well as related content from beyond the region.

Discussing the free trade agreement which Israel and China are expected to sign in the coming months, Ilan expressed strong support in signing the agreement. “The Israeli consumer is going to pay a lot less when this FTA is signed,”, Ilan told MEE. “The taxes on something like an EV amount to big money for people. We [Israel and China] are slashing tariffs. Who doesn’t love that?”

Asked about the American pressure on technological cooperation between Israel and China, a field in which SHENG is intensively active, Ilan noted that “What the US is trying to say without saying it is, ‘Let’s block any technology that will help China compete with the US industry and economy'”

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