Events & Meetings

SHENG Co-Organize the China-Israel Science & Technology Cooperation Seminar in Jiangsu

SHENG was honored to co-organize the “China-Israel Science and Technology Cooperation and Technology Seminar” together with the Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province, the Jiangsu Provincial Trade Promotion Council and the China-Israel Innovation Park in Changzhou. Four Israeli leading high tech & Industry intelligence companies presented their advanced technologies at the event: PVNano, RobotAI, Emza, Qualityline. More than 35 Jiangsu or   based companies and entities attended the event or joined online.

Among the speakers at the event were Cong Sufeng, VP of Jiangsu CCPIT, Li Lei, Deputy District Mayor of Wujin District of Changzhou and director of China Israel Changzhou Innovation Park. Niv Hanan, the Economic Consul at the Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai extended greetings and Ilan Maor, the Managing Partner of SHENG presented the Israeli Industry intelligence sector and SHENG’s activities in promoting Israel – China cooperation.

April 2021

Signing of Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the NETC

SHENG Enterprises marked an important milestone today (27/4) with the signing of strategic cooperation agreement with the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center (NETC). The agreement was signed by Mr. Zhu Jiang, the Vice President of NETC and Mr. Ilan Maor, the Managing Partner of SHENG.
The signing event was held at the presence of Mr. Eddie Shapira, the Consul General of Israel in Shanghai, Ms. Ye Lei, the Director of International Department of NETC.
Under the agreement, SHENG Enterprises will represent NETC in Israel and will work hand in hand with NETC leadership and team to enhance the cross-border technology cooperation between Israel and the fast developing chain in city of Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta region and across China. 

April 2021

SHENG co-organize the ""Seminar of Zhejiang-Israel Irrigation Technology" 

SHENG was honored to co-organize the “Seminar of Zhejiang-Israel Irrigation Technology” with the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. This meeting is one of the series of activities of “Crossing the Ocean – Meeting in Zhejiang-Series Online Seminars”. Two companies were chosen to present their solutions for advanced agriculture – HPNow, which was presented by Mr. Ziv Gottesfeld and Mr. Arnau Verdaguer; and Sol-Chip Sol-Chip, which was presented by Dr. Shani Keysar. Mr. Zhang Huofa, a first-class inspector of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, attended the meeting and made a speech. The audience included agricultural experts from Zhejiang province. This conference is another step in further promoting cooperation between Zhejiang Province and Israel in the field of irrigation technology, to exchange and learn from each other, and to jointly promote the high-quality development of agriculture on both sides.

April 2021

2021 Dialogue with Shandong

SHENG’s Managing Partner Ilan Maor was invited to make the greetings, on behalf of the Israel – China and Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, at the opening ceremony and the first thematic activity of “2021 Dialogue with Shandong”, a series events that to be held from end of March to October, bringing together government, institutes, and companies from Israel and Shandong province. The first event concentrated on medical and healthcare, and was participated by more than 100 participants attending online or offline. 

March 2021

SHENG supported the "IACC webinar – Israeli healthcare innovation / Women entrepreneurs lead innovation for better healthcare"

SHENG Enterprises was honored to cooperate with the Israel – China & Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, the Israel – Asia Chamber of Commerce, and the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center in organizing the “IACC webinar – Israeli healthcare innovation / Women entrepreneurs lead innovation for better healthcare”.

H.E. Ms. Irit Ben-Abba Vitale, Ambassador of Israel to China, opened the webinar, noting the importance of the healthcare sector in the bilateral cooperation and the importance of such events in general and event promoting women entrepreneurs in particular. Mr. Zou Shujun, CEO of the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center shared from his experience in promoting innovation in general and the growing share of women in entrepreneurships in China in particular. Ms. Sherry Wang, the Managing Partner of Shengjing Peakview Capital presented the potential and opportunities for Israeli pharma & med-tech in China and shared from Peakview experience.   

Four women entrepreneurs presented the unique and successful ventures they lead:   Ms. Hamutal Cohen Yitzhak, Co-Founder & CEO of Else Nutrition, Ms. Keren Leshem, CEO of OCON Healthcare , Dr. Chen Barak, CEO of Nanomedic, and Ms. Efrat Roman, Founder & CEO of EZbra

The webinar was moderated by Ilan Maor, the President of Israel – China and Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, and the last word was kept for Liron Urman, the General Manager of the Israel – Asia Chamber of Commerce who closed the event, noting the important of such events to promoting cooperation and supporting the chamber’s members and promised there is much more to come…

Following the webinar the Chamber have received various feedbacks from organizations and companies in China and we hope and believe the webinar will increase mutual knowledge and awareness as well as generate concrete cooperation and results.

March 2021

SHENG Welcoming Chinese New Year of the Ox

Last week we celebrated the Chinese New Year of the Ox, and the firecrackers which color the skies of Shanghai, Beijing and other cities of China are chasing away the demons of the ending year, and especially the COVID19 demon, and welcoming a new and (hopefully) much better year…

The Chinese economy showed its resilience and strength in the past year, with fast recovery from the COVID19 crisis, achieving GDP growth of 2.3% (6.5% in Q4/2020) with major growth factors being the industrial production, which was strongly supported by the government; the global demand which drove export increase, and the rice in private consumption (with growth rates reaching +7.3%;  +18.1%; +4.6% in December 2020). Foreign direct investments into China rose 4.5% in 2020 and reached 11 billion USD. 

The growth trend is expected to continue and enhance in 2021, with GDP growth expected to climb to 7.1% (Credit Swiss prediction)  

The economic and business cooperation between Israel and China showed its strength as well in the past year with bilateral trade achieving mild growth (6%) and reaching close to 12 billion USD. The main growth was in the import to Israel which grew to 7.7 billion USD while the Israeli export slightly decreased to 4.2 billion USD.   

Although the past year have been a challenging one, with no international traveling and limited movement across China, SHENG’s also managed to pull through. SHENG’s teams in Israel and China showed their strength and capability and deficiently proved we have got what it takes to achieve success, even in challenging times…

SHENG’s reputation, network, and proven experience, helped us in closing deals between Israeli and Chinese companies – even between companies who never met each other. Among others SHENG closed 3 investment banking deals in the fields of advanced manufacturing, pharma, and consumer electronics…

SHENG’s team members across Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Wuxi and Changzhou and a strong network of friends and associates proved their commitment, capabilities, and skills, putting their heart and soul into making things happen.

February 2021

New Year Call with the PRC Embassy

SHENG’s Managing Partner, Ilan Maor, serving as the President of the Israel – China & Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce had the pleasure of joining the management of the Federation of Israel Chamber of Commerce (FICC) and the Israel – Asia Chamber of Commerce in a virtual meeting with Mr. Zhang XingFu, the Counselor for Economic and Commercial Affairs at the Embassy of the PRC in Israel and his colleagues, marking the New Year of the Ox.                                                                 

The participants in the call discussed the ending year and economic cooperation between Israel and China and shared the common optimism as for the new year of the Ox brining growth and success.

Participating in the virtual included, Amir Shani, Vice President;  Mr. Ze’ev Lavie, VP of Int’l affairs; Ms. Shai Hilel, Business Development Executive / Asia & Pacific & Mrs. Liron Urman, General Manager of Israel – Asia Chamber of Commerce.

January 2021

Closing of Vocalzoom investment round

SHENG was entrusted by Vocalzoom, the Israel based leading developer of SMLD laser sensor technology and provider of Autonomous Sensors for the Industrial Internet of Things (I-IoT), in initiating and facilitating an investment round, led by KYI Capital, a leading Chinese Technology Private Equity Firm, which focus on semiconductor and industrial automation.

December 2020

Changzhou Israeli Innovation Launching Fair

SHENG was honored to be invited to participate in the Israeli Innovation Launching Fair, jointly organized by Changzhou Israel Park (CIP) and Jiangsu Province Department of Industry and Information Technology. The event hosted Niv Hanan, the Economic Consul & Head of Economic and Trade mission to East China, at the Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai, who delivered a speech at the event. The conference, which took place on Wednesday (23/12) was aimed at linking China and Israel and empowering innovation. SHENG’s Director Lina Yang and our Changzhou team, Arthur Wan & Bella Cao took part in the event. Director Yang and our Changzhou team leader Wan presented three innovative Israeli companies and technologies, coming from different segments: Mego Afek (med-Tech), Vocalzoom (advanced manufacturing) and Goarc (Safety 4.0)

December 2020

Kunshan Advanced Manufacturing Webinar

We were honored to join hands again with China National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center (NETTC) in organizing an Advanced Manufacturing Webinar with the city of Kunshan (Jiangsu Province), bringing together leading high tech companies from the Kunshan advanced high tech sector and four leading tech companies from Israel: Vocalzoom, MicroPointPro (MPP), Rayven, and Neural Flow. Thank you NETTC and Philip Fu for the good and fruitful cooperation
December 2020

Shanghai – Israel Day

SHENG’s Managing Partner Ilan Maor was honored to be invited to make the presentation on “Chinese Investments in Israel – past, present and guidelines for the future” at the “Israel Day” at the “China-Israel Innovation Hub in Shanghai” (CIIH), marking the 1st anniversary of the CIIH. SHENG brings vast proven experience in investment banking between Israel and China, delivering large Bright-Tnuva acquisition deal, SME scale M&As, as well as investment into early stage Israeli companies, with the last one closed just last week… We firmly believe in the vast potential in the Chinese investments in Israel, and believe much more is to come
December 2020

China-Euro Green Building International Technology Project Matchmaking Conference

SHENG was invited by the Changzhou Science &Technology Department, Wujin Science & Technology Department and Changzhou Wujin green building industry cluster demonstration zone to take part in the 2020 China-Euro Green Building International Technology Project Matchmaking Conference held on Friday (18/12). Arthur Wan, the team leader of SHENG’s Changzhou based subsidiary presented four leading Israeli technologies under the headline of “Smart City – Smart Manufacturing
December 2020

Jiangsu-Israel ICT Technologies online roadshow

SHENG was honored to co-organize the “Jiangsu-Israel ICT Technologies online roadshow” in cooperation with the Jiangsu-Israel International Teconology Transfer Center, The Jiangsu Productivity Promotion Center, the Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Innovation Center, and the China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park. Among the Israeli technological innovative companies presenting at the event were Rayven, GoArc, Romidot, and Cellomat. The Jiangsu-Israel ICT Technologies Online Roadshow is a part of a series of events SHENG has been involved in in the past couple of months, including webinars and events held in Changzhou, Wuxi, and Nanjing and represent the strong cooperation between Israel and Jiangsu Province
December 2020

NETC Online Roadshow of Israeli IC industry companies

We joined the National Eastern Tech-Transfer (NETC) Online Roadshow of Israeli IC industry companies, and presented our client MAT Technologies Ltd., the Israel based capital equipment company, specializing in the field of Die Attach solution. MAT presents innovative, unique and mature solutions for the global semiconductor and microelectronics industries, with clients across the world and in China and high growth potential!  Was a pleasure to present MAT alongside with three innovative excellent Israeli fabless companies: Newsight Imaging, Opsys Tech and Tera-Pass.

Even report link:

December 2020

Moscow Innovation Event

SHENG’s Partners, Ilan Maor & Shay Marcus took part in a webinar initiated by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign affairs, participated by the Moscow Agency of Innovations, Moscow Accelerator, Moscow Innovation Cluster Fund, Moscow Seed Fund, as well as leading companies and businessmen. In the webinar various cooperation opportunities were discussed on Israel – China path, as well as Israel – Russia – China cooperation.
December 2020

China Jiangsu Conference for Int'l Technology Transfer and Commercialization (CITTC)

SHENG’s Managing Partner, Ilan Maor, was invited by the Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department to deliver greetings at the opening event of the 7th China Jiangsu Conference for International Technology Transfer and Commercialization (CITTC). SHENG was represented at the event by our Shanghai based Director Sean Zhang.
November 2020

Israel – Jiangsu special webinar in the field of Digital Technology and Advanced Manufacturing

Israel – Jiangsu special webinar in the field of Digital Technology and Advanced Manufacturing SHENG had the honor to co-host the Israel – Jiangsu special webinar in the field of Digital Technology and Advanced Manufacturing, under the framework of the CITTC. 6 Israeli companies, presenting advanced and very relevant technologies took part in the event, which was hopefully the first step in fruitful cooperation between the Israeli companies and the China & Jiangsu based companies. Among the Israeli companies were: Vocalzoom, Coretigo, Halo Digital, Rayven, and Neuralflow, GoArc.
November 2020

Changzhou International Technology Matchmaking Conference

Our capable team at Changzhou Sheng Holdings CBTI Co., Arthur Wan and Bella Cao, took part on Friday (6/11) in the “2020 International Technology Matchmaking Conference” organized by the Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau & the Science and Technology Bureau of High and New Tech Zone (Xinbei District). Changzhou is one of China’s top 10 city economies in per capita GDP with $22,670 in 2019. At the event, Arthur Wan presented SHENG vast activities in introducing Israeli technology cooperation and investment opportunities, as well as specific projects SHENG is promoting in various sectors, including consumer electronics, automotive, med-tech, agro-tech, and more.

November 2020

Wuxi – Israel Advanced Automotive & Smart Mobility Technologies

Was a pleasure to co-host a webinar on ” Wuxi – Israel Advanced Automotive & Smart Mobility Technologies”, together Wuxi IOT. Representing the more than 550 automotive related Israeli tech companies, were 3 leading Israeli tech companies presented their technologies: Mobileye, Yamar & EVCO. Among the Chinese participates in the Webinar were leading automotive and technology companies, including Yadea, Huawei Technologies, and more.
September 2020

Lecture at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Executive Program of the Hebrew University

Our Managing Partner, Ilan Maor, was invited by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to present Israel – China investment and technology cooperation to a group of 50 participants, taking part in the China North Talent Research Center training program, organized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Executive Program of the Hebrew University.
September 2020

Farewell to the late Ambassador Du Wei

Our Managing Partner, Ilan Maor, serving as the President of the Israel – China & HK Chamber of Commerce attended the farewell ceremony from the late Ambassador Du Wei. at the Ben-Gurion airport. Though held under the COVID19 constrains, the sad ceremony was touching and respectful. The Israeli government representatives, as well as the representatives of the diplomatic corps in Israel paid their respect to the late Ambassador before his casket is flown back to China.
May 2020

Meeting with the Vice Chairman of the NDRC

SHENG’s Managing Partner and our Director Sean Zhang had the honor to join a meeting with Mr. Lin Nian Xiu, the Vice Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission. In the meeting Vice Chairman Lin presented the guidelines towards the future development of China’s semiconductors industry and expressed support to the cooperation project presented in the meeting.

December 2019

LAHAV seminar in Tel Aviv University

SHENG’s Managing Partner was invited to join Amir Lati, the Director of North East Asia at the Foreign Ministry and Tehila Levi Lati, Partner at ZAG-S&W Law firm at a seminar in an expert panel for a FUDAN University delegation, which included Chinese and global China based companies executives, hosted by “Lahav” of the Tel Aviv University. The panel was moderated by Udi Aharoni, the Managing Director of Lahav. The panel discussed the potential in cooperation with Israel, and hopefully opened the door to more China-Israel cooperation

November 2019

Ningbo delegation visit to Israel

As part of SHENG’s long relationship and cooperation with the city of Ningbo, the leading port and economic center in Zhejiang Province, SHENG, in cooperation with the Israel – China & Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, hosted Mr. Zhu Jinmao, Executive Deputy Director-General of Organization Department of CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and his delegation. The delegation visited Israel with the aim of enhancing exchange and cooperation with Israel in the field of talent, Science & Technology. 

November 2019

China National Day Event

SHENG’s Managing Partner Ilan Maor and Partner Shay Marcus attended the Reception & Concert celebrating 70th anniversary of founding of the People’s Republic of China hosted by Ambassador Zhan Yongxin.

October 2019

ADT Acquisition concluded

A group of China based investors completed the acquisition of Advanced Cutting Technology (ADT), an Israeli high-tech company. SHENG served as ADT’s investment banking advisor on this transaction. ADT will continue to operate in Israel under the current management team after the transaction.

October 2019

Hosting Shenzhen Innovation Business Association (SIBA) Delegation

SHENG, in cooperation with the Israel – China & HK Chamber of Commerce and Including results for law firm Erdinast Ben Nathan Toledano & Co. hosted a delegation organized by the Shenzhen Innovation Business Association (SIBA), a Non-profit civil organization, founded in 2018 by and consisting of prominent entrepreneurs in Shenzhen who are alumni of Sun Yat-sen University, China. SIBA aims at establishing a world-class scientific and technological innovation ecosystem and innovative service platform for Innovative entrepreneurs in Shenzhen.

September 2019

Dinner with the Non-government Medical Institutions Association (CNMIA)

SHENG’s Managing Partner Ilan Maor and Director Lina Yang were hosted for a festive dinner by Mr. Gaven Ching, the Executive Vice Chairman & Secretary General of Chinese Non-government Medical Institutions Association (CNMIA) and the chairman of Shanghai SCAC Health Industry Company.

September 2019

Presenting the China opportunity at BDO Haifa Panel

SHENG’ Managing Partner  Ilan Maor joined the special panel organized by BDO Israel’s Haifa branch. The members of the panel presented the business opportunities presented to the participating companies in the global markets, with the emphasis on USA, India, and China

September 2019

Visit of Jiangsu Provincial Audit Office

SHENG, together with our partners at BDO Israel hosted a delegation headed by the Director of Jiangsu Provincial Audit Office, Mr. Hou Xueyuan. Mr. Avi Oz, C.P.A, Head of Industry and Retail sector at BDO Israel, gave an overview of Israel’s auditing system for governmental entities and companies and took time to answer questions in this regard.

September 2019

China Federation of Industrial Economics seminar in Tel Aviv

SHENG’s Managing Partner, serving as the Vice Chairman of the Israel – China & HK Chamber of Commerce was invited to present a speech under the title “Innovation to Success: Israel’s High Tech Economy 2019” at the seminar held in honor of the China Federation of Industrial Economics (CFIE) delegation, hosted by the Federation of Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy & Industry, the Israel – Asia Chamber of Commerce and more.

July 2019

Qingdao Sino-Israeli Innovation Cooperation Conference

SHENG team attended the “Qingdao Sino-Israeli Innovation Cooperation Conference” in Tel-Aviv, organized by the Qingdao Center for Business & Commerce (Israel). SHENG’s Managing Partner, serving as the Vice Chairman of the Israel – China & HK Chamber of Commerce, signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of the Chamber with the Qingdao Municipal Commerce Bureau.

June 2019

Lahav Fudan University Seminar

SHENG’s Managing Partner Ilan Maor was invited to join the panel of experts on “China – Israel Business Collaboration: Managing the Process” at the seminar for a delegation from the Fudan University School of Management, organized by Lahav Executive Education Program of the Tel Aviv University.

June 2019

Changzhou China – Israel SciTech Innovation and Venture Salon

SHENG’s Changzhou based subsidiary, in cooperation with the Changzhou Science and Technology Department, hosted the 2nd Sci-Tech Innovation and Venture Salon in the Wujin District of Changzhou, last week. The event was joined by more than 20 local technology companies from various sectors. Lina Yang, SHENG’s Director of Operation at SHENG introduced to the companies a variety of Israeli hi-tech companies with potential to cooperate in Changzhou.

SHENG, the leading Israel – China investment banking & advisory firm, and a member of BDO Israel group, established its Changzhou based subsidiary in 2016, with the support of the Changzhou Science and Technology Department, Changzhou West Taihu Lake S&T Industrial Zone, and Changzhou Sino-Israel S&T Cooperation Center.

June 2019

Wuxi Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) visit

SHENG hosted a technology roundtable with the Chairman of the Wuxi Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Mr. Zhou Minwei and his delegation, presenting Israeli technology companies from various sectors. The participants discussed potential cooperation in Wuxi city, one of China’s leading industrial cities in China.

May 2019

Guangdong SEIWAJYUKU delegation

In cooperation with the Israel – Asia Chamber of Commerce, SHENG hosted a delegation of 35 entrepreneurs led by Guangdong SEIWAJYUKU, a non-profit organization of over 400 small- medium entrepreneurships in Guangdong. Ilan Maor, SHENG’s Managing Partner and the Vice Chairman of the Israel – China & Hong Kong Chamber of commerce, gave an overview of the Israel – China technology cooperation over the years, and the potential for further cooperation in the future. 

May 2019

Wuxi Vice Mayor visit to Israel

SHENG hosted Vice Mayor of Wuxi, Ms. Gao Ya Guang, and the Director of Wuxi Bureau of Science & Technology , Mr. Sun Haidong, and a delegation of executives from Wuxi municipal government and industry. The delegation met with 2 innovative Israeli companies- Nemesysco, which develops advanced voice analysis technologies, and Vocalzoom, a leading provider of vibration sensors for industry 4.0, both active in cooperation with Wuxi based companies, with the support of SHENG and the Wuxi government.

May 2019