‘The honeymoon is over’: Israel and China at 30 years

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Ilan Maor, the Managing Partner of SHENG Enterprises was interviewed for an article on the Israel – China – USA triangle and shared some points from his experience and unique point of view, as a businessman and former senior diplomat:

Ilan Maor says he is no longer able to conduct business with China like he used to. After several years working in diplomatic offices in Taiwan, Shanghai, and Jerusalem, he pivoted to business and is now a managing partner with the investment group Sheng Enterprises.

He describes the “special” Israel-China relationship as one full of warmth and respect between two peoples with long histories and shared values that have resulted in great economic gain on both sides

But “aggressive” U.S. interference has gotten in the way, he says. “There are some opportunities that we had to lose or give up because we knew that trying to get it done would be very complicated, because of America’s positioning.”

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