SHENG Enterprises Paving the Way to China


SHENG Enterprises 是一家致力于在中国-以色列开展投资银行、企业财务咨询业务、技术合作及商业开发的知名顾问集团。



公司是BDO ISRAEL 咨询管理集团的成员之一。BDO ISRAEL是BDO全球网络中的一部分,BDO是全球第五大会计师事务所。BDO ISRAEL是以色列顶尖会计师事务所,拥有超过1,600名团队成员。




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Erez Imberman

VP of business development & Special Projects

Tower’s strategic business growth was directed us to look into China as a potential place for cooperation. In order to understand the Chinese culture, Governmental structure, Chinese business methodology and other issues which are related and unique for china, we’ve decided to partner with SHENG represented by Ilan Maor, for assisting us in acquiring necessary information, data analysis and providing recommendations regarding best location in China, as well as most suitable Chinese strategic partner. Ilan and his team, while demonstrating an outstanding professionalism and partnership, assisting Tower in designing the proper cooperation (in term of location and specific partners) and recommended the correct structure while supporting the negotiation process. We highly appreciate the outstanding support of SHENG as well as their professional work.

Yaron Barkan


SHENG accompanied ADT for about 6 years in the process of locating and engaging a strategic acquirer in China. The work of SHENG’s Chinese and Israeli team, led by Jordan and Ilan, was done with full cooperation and understanding of ADT and its shareholders needs. SHENG’s service was professional, with the right level of engagement between us and the potential investors and with a lot of patience and tolerance. Over the years, we have developed an excellent relationship and mutual trust. In times of crisis, and there quite a few, they knew how to navigate artfully and sensitively and guide us towards right solutions. I warmly recommend SHENG as the investment banker for M&A in China.

Yoav Levsky

VP Sales

The cooperation with Sheng has been an integral part of our Chinese market approach. We started with Sheng’s team on analyzing the market, setting the strategy and action plan and executing it. Sheng showed professionalism, salesmanship, government relation capabilities – from the first moment we entered the China market (2009) with almost zero sales through today while managing on our behalf a successful team of 8 with revenue of millions of dollars.

Hagar Araya


As part of Ornit’s growth strategy, we decided to penetrate the Chinese market, while cooperating with a Chinese strategic industrial player. We partnered with Sheng-BDO which supported the entire process: from assisting us in acquiring necessary information, to assessing relevant data, analyzing development and providing recommendations; locating and engaging with the most suitable Chinese strategic partner; assisting Ornit in designing the proper cooperation structure and supporting us in executing the negotiations. Once we have successfully kicked-off the cooperation with our Chinese partner, Sheng-BDO provided (and still is providing) on-going cooperation management support.

Ziv Gottesfeld


SHENG helped HPNow ApS in dealing with a painful supply chain issue, as well as finding our first customer in China. They are highly professional, quickly understand the need and required action plan, and execute on time and budget. I highly recommend working with them

Amir Naiberg


China offers a unique array of opportunities to Israeli companies, however exploiting these opportunities without an expert advice may be problematic. Sheng BDO offers its clients high level understanding of the Chinese political and business environment, with that understanding they go out to secure the best deal for their clients. Their Chinese and Israeli team will do the outmost to secure “smooth sailing” in the Chinese ocean.

Tomer Tzach


We have worked with Sheng in recruiting an investor for CropX interim investment round. Sheng’s team presented an excellent strategic investor and supported the engagement – enabling us to close the investment process, from introduction to closing, in less than 3 months! We highly appreciate the pro-active approach of Sheng team as well as their professional work!

Aviad Shnaiderman


We at Aura Air see significant value in working and collaborating with SHENG. Over the past year, they have helped us find strategic partners, clients, and investors. The proactive approach and desire to push the company forward, make SHENG’s services an excellent tool for any Startup and company!